Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network URRKN Exposed

What's wrong with URRKN?

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The latest in the shameful ongoing cat rescue scam known as URRKN!

Screen Shot 03-16-16 at 10.40 PM.PNG

URKKN or Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network operates primarily out of Facebook purportedly as a long distance cat transport group. Its purported mission is to save cats from shelters and transport them to where there is a definite home for them. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that its founder Tina Lablanc, aided by her husband Chris Lablanc, fundraise vigorously through many different avenues even though they have no substantial expenses, as transporters pay for ALL their own costs. URRKN fundraising usually states outright or at least implies that URRKN saves lives, or does rescue work when in fact URRKN does not save any lives, nor do ANY rescue work.

URRKN is solely a cat transport group and cats are only transported when they have a confirmed home to go to, that is once they are already saved from the shelter and in foster care. There is usually a waiting time of at least three months from the initial request. URRKN is known for refusing to work with third parties such as when there is a special needs cat, such as a diabetic cat.

The vast majority of people who request transport are refused, as URRKN has its methods of cherry-picking – choosing people who can be asked to give a sizeable donation. This has been testified to by several ex-admins.Five hundred dollars is the amount aimed for and it can be more.

Screen Shot 09-25-15 at 02.06 PM

There is ample evidence that Tina raises tens of thousands of dollars a year. Thousands of dollars have been raised from online auctions alone. Funds are raised through social media sites such as Pinterest and through Cafepress, Amazonsmiles.com and iGive.com. Appeals for donations are made on each and every article published, on websites and blogs, and direct appeals are made on two of the official URRKN Facebook sites plus on Tina Lablanc’s personal page. The Paypal address for URRKN is always given out separately in the fundraisers so that there is no visible record of the actual amounts raised by donations through Paypal on the fundraisers.

Fundraiser social media

Donations are also automatically solicited from people transporting. Amounts donated have been known to be as high as hundreds of dollars for one transport. A recent adopter gave a $500 donation for a transport. Ex-admins and others have reported that there is a history of pressure being applied for adopters to give large donations by way of increasing or decreasing waiting time for transports.

Where does all this money go? Many posts made by Tina Lablanc herself show that the Lablancs live a life that most people in the cat rescue world can only dream of, with a very nice home and car, frequent holiday breaks, expensive clothes, shoes and boots (such as trainers costing $150 and glittery high heels $300). Tina often posts about her extensive purchases of material goods and refurbishing the rooms in her house etc. on her personal Facebook page along with pictures, such as a $3,000 furnace and a $3,000 air conditioner.

As the Lablancs get ready to attend this year’s Best Friends National Conference in Las Vegas, the word is out that financial irregularities in this organisation are now far too substantial to be ignored.

Fundraiser Best Friends 2013 Chris and Tina Lablanc

Last year, Tina Lablanc and Chris Lablanc raised thousands of dollars to attend the Best Friends Conference 2013, where they didn’t even buy a booth, which would have cost around $600. One would have thought that there would have been plenty of cash left in the coffers to fund their attendance this year at Las Vegas, not too far from their home in Arizona. That apparently is not the case and again in the last two months Tina Lablanc has fundraised extensively for brochures and booth fee and other expenses with three separate fundraisers, the latest one dated 9 October with a target of $2,500. As well one previous fundraiser for the booth fee and another for the brochures to at least cover those outlays and probably considerably more as payments via Paypal are not included in the totals. Yet, in August, $1,040 was donated by an online auction fundraising group which URRKN claimed would also be put towards the expenses for the conference (screenshots follow).

Fundraiser Best Friends 2014 brochures 1

Fundraiser Best Friends 2014 brochures 2

Fundraiser Best Friends 2014 brochures appeal 1 Youcaring





And why are URRKN asking for money for gas when volunteers always pay for their own gas?


Fundraiser transport supplies pay for own

Statement fundraiser rescue implied Tina Lablanc what your donation does 01

Fundraiser statement Best Friends donations 01Fundraiser statement Best Friends donations 02

Fundraiser statement Best Friends donations 04

Fundraiser Best Friends 2013 Youcaring 2,266

Fundraiser Best Friends 2013 virtual fundraiser

Fundraiser donation match 3 of 7

Fundraiser donation match 2 of 7

Statement fundraiser Best Friends donations match 02Fundraiser Best Friends Tina Lablanc 2

Fundraiser donation match 5 of 7



Fundraiser donation match 6 of 7

Fundraiser Paypal button hidden

The claim that 360+ cats have been transported by URRKN is known to be untrue and this an artificially inflated number. According to the official figures, 120 cats were transported since Christmas last year which would mean an extraordinarily high number each week which would not have been physically possible with the transport system URRKN have in place.

Also the rapidly increasing size of URRKN membership, from 10,000 just 12 months ago to 22,000 at the time of writing is due to URRKN admins adding their friends to the group as members without those people knowing anything about it or even having ever visited the URRKN group page. A quick check on the list of members on the page itself confirms that members are added by the admins.


A number of advantages are attached to having so many members, apart from increasing the potential donor base. Such as gaining a higher profile at little cost in time and effort, causing URRKN to appear bigger than it actually is, and to seem to do more than it actually does. This would also be useful when URRKN touts for donations outside of Facebook which it often does.

The Lablancs and their admin staff are always on the look-out for any grant they are eligible to apply for or competition they are eligible to enter. Also they regularly send out mailshots to companies looking for one-off donations and sponsorships, etc. claiming that any donations made will fund the rescue of cats and kittens from shelters.

URRKN does not rescue cats, and admits that it doesn’t, even though it claims to when fundraising. The fact is there is no truth whatsoever in the claim that URRKN rescues even a single cat, yet you will see in the screenshots here that claims are made that URRKN does indeed rescue cats and kittens from kill shelters and is raising funds to assist with that. This is a blatant lie.


Misc evidence that people are added without their knowledge

glitterbase (1)

There have been several serious complaints such as when a cat was lost en route. Extensive fundraising raised thousands of dollars to pay for hotel and transport expenses. Tina claimed that she went to search for the lost cat, called Cali, but a URRKN member – in fact a disabled lady – who kindly went with her daughter to search believes they themselves were the only searchers from URRKN. They claimed – and there is no reason to dispute their claim as this would be typical behaviour for Tina Lablanc – that Tina sat in her hotel room raising more funds to help in the search when the search operation was already more than sufficiently funded.

In fact only a very small percentage of the funds raised for the search – which amounted to at least $5,000 – were ever used for the search. The actual amount raised cannot be known due to the direct donations made and due to the fact that Tina Lablanc has always encouraged donations by Paypal and by snailmail, but never divulges any amounts.

Fundraiser for Cali

So even though many thousands of dollars were raised to help find Cali, this lady (her name has been withheld but many will know who this lady is) was upset and distressed to find that URRKN did not reimburse her costs of travel and staying at a local bed and breakfast. This caused her considerable hardship, as she has been disabled for some time and lives with her young daughter and pets on a very tight budget.

Additionally, there were numerous complaints about the way the search was conducted. An ex-admin confirms that Cali was not the only cat lost en route, and in fact there was another cat lost, but that was hushed up.

Statement health certificate transport rules from somewhere else

Only two months ago, a kitten called T-Me was transported from a South Carolina rescue to Bernie Sherwood Tracy. Instead of receiving a new cat into her home being a wonderful experience, it turned into several weeks of hell as the kitten brought with her highly contagious diseases, airborne viruses which are often lethal to cats, known as calcivirus and mycoplasma.

Not only did the little torti kitty, T-Me, die but Bernie Sherwood Tracy’s beloved cats Justice and Liberty were both infected. Within days Liberty was dead and Justice was left to fight for her life. Eventually Justice pulled she through but she will remain a lifetime carrier of this horrible disease. Bernie Sherwood Tracy has two other cats who were thankfully not infected, but as with Justice, it is possible that they could sick from this disease at some point in the future.  Also as Justice is now a carrier, it would not now be possible for Bernie to have any more cats as they would also be at risk from these viruses. Bernie continues to fight for justice for her cats, and works to have URRKN shut down.

This only happened because URRKN failed in their duty to ensure that a health certificate had been obtained for T-Me before transport, which also contravened their own stated policy. Health certificates are supposed to protect the adopters from being sent sick cats and help to prevent the spread of diseases. As well as being very ill from this virus, T-Me had not been vaccinated against rabies and was not speyed, both of which break the law for cats being transported between States.

Misc health cert statement

Misc health certificate

Threads Melinda Weidenborner Ebelhar why URRKN denies transport

Statement health certificate by Tina LaBlanc

Statement health certificate transport's responsibility

Statement health certificate policy ex admin

Statement health certificates 3 were sadly always a concern

Ex-admins of URRKN have confirmed that this was not the first time that URRKN have neglected to ensure that there was a health certificate in place and that this had happened many times. This was just the first time resulting in reported deaths and the first time they got caught.

Subsequently URRKN disingenuously claimed they had changed their policy as a result, so that the health certificate was to go to Chris Lablanc. Contrary to URRKN’s claims, obtaining the health certificate has always been Chris LaBlanc’s job as Information officer. His email address is and always has been on the paperwork and according to clear instructions on their own documentation the health certificate was always meant to be sent to Chris Lablanc.

URRKN have also stated that transport does not go if he does not have a copy of the health certificate on file. That is just the way it is and always has been but ex-admins have testified that they often had to deal with the health certificates themselves as URRKN have been lackadaisical and arrogant, believing that laws that apply to others do not apply to them.

It didn’t stop there though. In spite of URRKN being told what had happened and that the nature of these highly dangerous airborne viruses was such that the transporters’ vehicles needed to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, URRKN said nothing to their members or the transporters. The drivers were not even told what had happened and only found out from another site on Facebook a month later. This clearly demonstrates further unconscionable negligence and irresponsibility on the part of URRKN.

Statement home inspection

Statement home inspection ONE HUNDRED LETTERS

See the following screenshots for more proof that URRKN is primarily an organisation set up to fundraise and ought to be shut down asap!

Statement fundraiser every opportunity

Fundraiser wills hint

Statement Tina Lablanc duck 02

Statement Tina Lablanc duck 04Statement Tina Lablanc duck 05


Statement what do donations pay for 1 of 2

Statement what do donations pay for 2 of 2

Statement fundraiser rescue implied Tina Lablanc what your donation does 2

Statement Tina Lablanc one URRKN kitty touches the lives of 50

Statement fundraiser rescue implied spend my time saving lives

Statement fundraiser rescued implied do not belittle my work

Statement fundraiser rescue implied Tina Lablanc using Arizona stats

Misc Rescue competition TractorStatement fundraiser rescue implied photo contest

Statement fundraiser rescue photo comp 1

Statement fundraiser rescue photo comp 2

Statement fundraiser rescue photo comp 3

Statement fundraiser rescue photo comp 4

[There were more posts but Tractor removed the entry before screenshots were taken.]

Statement NO SAD PICS 4

Statement fundraiser rescue implied but NOT

Statement fundraiser rescue implied 09

Fundraiser Pinterest pin 05 Twitter

Statement fundraiser rescue implied 03

Statement fundraiser rescue implied 01

Tina Lablanc is well known for numerous incidents of using and altering other people’s artwork without their permission, even official advertisements, like her life-sized poster for the Best Friends Conference.

Fundraiser Pinterest altered pin

Statement fundraiser rescue implied work together to get cats out of a shelter

Fundraiser rescue implied Lifesaver operation pins

Statement fundraiser rescue implied 02

Statement fundraiser rescue implied fire emergencies and Mother Theresa no less

Statement fundraiser rescue implied Nat Enq cat Statement fundraiser rescue team

Statement fundraiser rescue implied link from main site claiming saves lives

Statement Tina Lablanc five year plan 100k member 2

Statement fundraiser rescue implied Tina Lablanc FCM ex rescue

Since this article was published, there have been more dramas such as lost cats like Jasmine (see the Facebook page “Whatever Happened to Jasmine”).

Then in June 2015, URRKN post this:


Please Google “URRKN Exposed” for more information.


2 thoughts on “Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network URRKN Exposed

  1. WordPress you call yourself a journalistic publication? Any ETHICAL journalists know there are two sides to every story. This author obviously could not make it in the “real world” hard news like local or national tv or radio or newspaper. Because a good, solid reporter checks their facts! And as for the one specific incident and person………………………………… Having worked as a tv news and radio news reporter, it is shoddy reporting ..one sided..that embarasses me about the industry. Number 1 rule you are taught in journalism school is your reporting is to be objective! And yes I also attended a top notch journalism school. What are your credentials??

    1. Hi ‘Susan Smith’

      Of course I don’t know whether your real name is ‘Susan Smith’ or not. I do know that you tell barefaced lies as you told one in your comment, which has been deleted. I decided not to delete your entire comment, as it does give me an opportunity to say a few things.

      I am not a journalist and have never claimed to be a journalist. I have never even tried to ‘make it’ as a journalist and have never had any interest in working as one. I did research the subject carefully to make sure that I was telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth, presented with the relevant solid evidence.

      If you had done your research, as any bona fide trained and competent journalist would have done, you would have known that WordPress (‘Automattic’) do not monitor content on their sites. People are free to express their creativity in whichever way they like as long as it is within the law. Here is the relevant clause from their Terms of Service.

      ‘Automattic has not reviewed, and cannot review, all of the material, including computer software, posted to the Website, and cannot therefore be responsible for that material’s content, use or effects. By operating the Website, Automattic does not represent or imply that it endorses the material there posted, or that it believes such material to be accurate, useful or non-harmful. You are responsible for taking precautions as necessary to protect yourself and your computer systems from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other harmful or destructive content. The Website may contain content that is offensive, indecent, or otherwise objectionable, as well as content containing technical inaccuracies, typographical mistakes, and other errors. The Website may also contain material that violates the privacy or publicity rights, or infringes the intellectual property and other proprietary rights, of third parties, or the downloading, copying or use of which is subject to additional terms and conditions, stated or unstated. Automattic disclaims any responsibility for any harm resulting from the use by visitors of the Website, or from any downloading by those visitors of content there posted.’

      As to the current law with respect to libel and slander in the UK, you can find information about that here:


      I have not claimed to show ‘two sides to the story’. I do not accede to your somewhat odd demand that there exists any obligation for me to provide you or anyone else with either ‘my credentials’ or ‘the other side to the story’. The information presented as evidence in the article is clearly self-explanatory.

      Anyone wanting to know more about the story from Tina Lablanc’s point of view can read her many write-ups about her various mental, familial and other problems from her point of view on her personal Facebook page, and draw their own conclusions. I have only been concerned with demonstrating, along with solid evidence, the misappropriation of funds donated with the intention of helping to save the lives of cats, nothing else, which I believe is adequately achieved in this article.

      Your comment about the ‘real world’ shows that for a ‘trained journalist’ you seem to be surprisingly out of touch with what is going on today. The blogosphere is of course an integral part of the ‘real world’ today. There are more than one-third of a billion (approximately 400,000,000) blog sites on the internet and approximately 175,000 new blog sites are created every day. There are more than one billion websites. Statistics show that businesses that own and regularly update their blogs generate 4 times more leads than those that do not own a blog.

      Indeed the ‘business’ in question here is of course internet-based and could not exist any other way. It has been claimed by Tina Lablanc herself – although I believe that claim is incorrect – that URRKN is a ‘clearing house of information’. So your comment does not even make any sense. Tina LaBlanc’s own words: “Our nonprofit status: OK been on the phone back and forth with the lawyer over the last several days. I gave her a full view of who my admins were and what it was that we do. She was impressed but she had some concerns. One was she was nearly positive that the IRS would NOT give us nonprofit status if there was only one board member. She would not allow me to bring on any of the admins as our relationship only exists on-line. I explained URRKN only exists on-line. She said as your attorney it is my job to protect your interests…..”

      Bearing in mind the various points raised in my reply, I do not believe that you are trained journalist. You ought to try a bit harder next time. If you want people to believe what you are saying even when you are lying, and while claiming that you are a trained journalist, you need to take the trouble to find someone to help you who actually has does have some kind of background in journalism, so as not to make a fool of yourself. I certainly do not believe your claim that you attended a ‘top notch journalism school’ even as a bad student. I would recommend the next time you want to post a comment posing as a trained journalist, you get someone else to write your post for you.

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